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Projects: Thinking green outside the box Projects

Since the beginning La Foglia has been publishing the green paper journal "Ecoagenda", published and distributed in the city of Rome and the webzine, which is a tank of  interviews and depth articles about Organic Food, Natural Art, Critical Awareness of global issues, has the objective to promote a conscious market of natural and enviromental-friendly goods.

Today the association chooses to address its efforts towards activities that could extend interests and relations in other countries.

» Projects: Thinking green outside the box


Non-profit organization: aims and objectives About us

The environmental association La Foglia is a Non-profit Organisation which addresses the public since 2009 towards a modern conception of sustainable styles of life, through information and new technology.
The Organisation works as networks of active individuals, who use their professional competences to create positive proposals in order to increase consciousness about both individual and communities sustainability.
La Foglia answers to global issues with an unconventional and creative way, and inform people giving them the possibility to experience new lifestyles.

» Non-profit organization: aims and objectives


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